A poem that can makes Money to clench to you.

The lack of me the root of all evil

Money is my name.

I build, I tear apart too

Earn me right

And rest right.

Build an empire that generations would enjoy.

Do what you love

It helps a lot.

More than once failure would knock you down

Please stand back up!

From an unknown person I quote, “The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lose all your money”.

Truly I tell you, financial education is as precious as diamonds.

Money isn’t usually taught in school, therefore read books on money, experiment, and earn more money.

Learn more, act more.

Should be your slogan.

A man earns what he spends time on

But then we have two kinds of people


Yearn to be the later

He earns money even in his sleep.

Invest more, earn more.

After all the money you invest in a meaningful project Provides the output.

Hold unto the above and money would clench to you!

What Passive Income is and Why is it Important

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Mr Goddy Onogwu is a cross-border trade facilitator, a philanthropist and passive income coach with Herbalife and Longrich International. His focus area includes General Affiliate Marketing, Real estate, Crude-oil, and gold trade facilitation.

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